Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend Update or Day 3-5 of Me-Made-June '11

I had a very prolific week I finished two graments and went to a music festival and saw a sheep shearing demo. I was a irresponsible blogger and left my camera at home so sadly I have no pics of the sheep shearing or the music festival.

Firstly I made a romper with pockets! My first attempt at pockets and the were supper easy and came out great!
I used some scrap from another project to make the pockets.

I think the trickiest part of sewing the pockets was figuring which way the right side of the fabric needed to get pinned to. Once I pinned them wrong once I figured it out.
I loved this fabric. It was in the dollar bin at the fabric shop I frequent and I just had to have it. It was a little over a yard, cotton and has this neat leaf motif.

This past week I also made a sun dress. Which is one of the gaps in my me made wardrobe. I found the fabric at the same fabric shop and only got a yard thinking that I could at least make a top, or another romper. Well, after I made the romper I laid out my other fabric and decided on a dress. Three days later and after much fighting with some elastic and a ruffle I have a dress!
It took one yard to make this dress and it isn't even scandalous. I was a bit worried that my decision to make a dress would end with it being way too short to be worn out of the house, but it is a great length. I can't wait to wear it.

So know we come to my me made outfits for the week end.

Day 3

Top: Altered silk, cotton, linen blend dress shirt. (It use to be long sleeved and a lot larger!)
Belt: From a shop in Australia
Bottoms: Olive brown shorts, thrifted.

Day 4
Festival Day!

What I wore: My new romper!!! Oh, and my straw fedora.

Day 5
(The day I rolled out of bed at 5:50am to go to work)

When one has to get up at 5:50am and be to work at 6:30am, one does not really worry too much about what they are wearing. But I did manage to still follow my pledge to MMJune '11.
Top: teal cotton, rayon blend knit jersey. This material is my new bestie. This top was made from a failed dress attempt.
Bottoms: my olive brown shorts.

Today is an unexpected day off from work, and I am planning on a trip to the fabric store to pillage the dollar bin and maybe start some pants and defiantly another sun dress.

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