Thursday, June 23, 2011

Quick update

Things are crazy busy and my camera is broken and I'm out of underwear so I am off to do laundry and then back to work.

I will admit that I miss sewing and I haven't gotten anytime to knit with meetings and everything. I am hoping for a little extra time once the kids get here and I will not be scheduling and ordering as much as I have in these first few days here on camp.

One thing that I am regretting is that because of my schedule here at camp and with my camera being broken I am having some trouble with my Me Made June '11 challenge. Today was my 1st slip up, but I was working in an icky shop full of dust, dirt and spiders. I also Don't have pictures of what I wore the last few days. Even if I can't photo document my me made challenge I will still finish it, no more slip ups for me.

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