Friday, June 10, 2011

Me Made June '11 Update: Day 6-9

I am loving MMJune'11, well except the part where Philly had another heat wave this week. But that's not Me-Made-June's fault. Because of the heat, and our apartment being equally hot as the outside a few of my outfit choices where not tops.

Day 6

This has been my favorite out fit of the week so far.
White tee from old navy
My Maria skirt in this fun teal stripy cotton (there are silver diamonds printed in the space between the whit pin stripes). The Maria is a free Burda style down load. I leaned my pleats all the the left than leaning them into the center like the pattern suggests.
Leather belt

Day 7

This is when things started getting hot and humid in Philly
Gray tee
Altered dress pants to high waist shorts
Leather braid belt from Oz

Day 8

Lacey Cami from target
Heat wave top knit in 100% bamboo (this was teh prototype for the pattern)
Go to Altered jean shorts

Day 9

I got called into work early and for the whole day. Thank goodness that meant I got to sit in air-con all day.
Blue cotton cami, old navy
Variegated knit cami with lace detail 100% bamboo fiber
Brown shorts, thrifted

The heat wave finally broke last night with a spectacular storm that rolled in at 8pm. Things are now not unbearable with out air conditioning and I feel up to doing things other than sit around in my skivies sitting in front of a fan.

Because I got called into work early and for the whole day I was unable to post Thursdays blog post so today you will get a double dose of Blue Betty as yesterday's supposed post with become today's extra surprise post.

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