Friday, June 3, 2011

Me-Made-June '11 Update

MMJune '11 started while my computer was in for repairs, but I have started and have some photo updates on how it is going. I know it's only been two days, but I am very excited about this challenge.

Day 1

Day one was the hottest day we had had in the city this spring...summer, I'm not sure what season it is. I apologize for the sweatiness, but it was 95 and really humid, and we don't have air conditioning.

What I wore.
Top: Altered T-shirt into tank, I call it my cowboy tank.
Bottoms: Jean shorts altered from jeans, these are my go to shorts.

Day 2

The heat wave had finally broken!! I decided to celebrate by wearing a hand knit garment.
Top: Heat wave top, hand knit with love and a cotton modal blend
Bottoms: My go to shorts. I<3 them.

There you have it the first two days of MMJune '11. Over on "So...Zoe, What do you know she has posted an inventory of her me made items and aims for the month. I decided to do something similar. I love lists and lists of things are one of my favorites to make.

My Me Made Items.
*3 nice dresses (floral, Yellow seersucker, blue coffee date)
*1 cocktail tent dress with ruffle
*1 purple sundress
*2 pairs of altered shorts (jeans shorts, blue high waisted shorts)
*3 Jersey knit tanks (black, Teal, Cowboy)
*1 Kimono Tee
*2 skirts (Teal, and purple floral)
*2 knit Tees (heat wave and gray top with tie neckline)
*1 knit bamboo tank
*2 cotton cardigans (long sleeved lavender and gold striped, and short sleeved light blue)
*1 boat neck pull over (white and blue striped)
*1 woven cotton tank (anchors)
*1 Pair of leggings
*2 altered button ups (1 long sleeved, 1 short sleeved)
*2 pairs of pj shorts
*1 pair of long athletic type shorts
*1 Romper

I can defiantly see gaps in my me made wardrobe. I need to make some more tops and not just tanks and tees, I need to try making some more structured items. I also have never made any pants, or really made a pair of shorts I've only ever altered pants into shorts. So, along with wearing hand made items daily I am also going to try and make a pair of pants, and a few more tops. I also noticed that I love making dresses, but I seem to be lacking casual sundresses. So I mighty make one or two more of those.

I made all of this!

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