Monday, June 13, 2011

Me Made June '11 Update: Day 10-11

I had an unexpected day off from work on Friday so what does one do when they have a beautiful day and no where to be, go the fabric store and sew! I leave for my summer job in three days and have been sewing furiously to make sure I have what I need. I guess I should start packing soon.

Here is what I wore this week end
Day 10

With a day off and plans to go out it was time to finally pull out and pull on a dress.
Dress: ruffle strap sundress.
I made this dress with out a pattern and just my measurements. I think it was a success.

On our way home from the bar Simon decided to try planking this mail box while Antea was trying to mail her student loan.

Day 11

Saturday is a lazy day or a surf day in our apartment and since the surf was only ankle high and not worth the hour drive we stayed in Philly.
Top: 1 piece kimono top (shhh I made mine in two pieces)
bottom: gray leggings from target.

I'm missing Sunday's Me Made outfit, but I will post it as soon as I have a picture. Here is what else I was up to this weekend.

I finished this sun dress on Friday. This is loosely based on Burda Style's Jane langerie top. I am excited for this dress and it's cute tie straps.

This is the second dress I finished this weekend. I really like DixieDIY's one shoulder knit dress, but my computer won't let me open the PDF so I took my measurements and my trusty chalk and I came up with a pattern that fits my measurements and my tastes. I raised the bodice section so that it was more of an empire waist, and made an A-line style skirt with no gathers. It fits like a glove, and its on of my most favorite colors, TEAL!

Now that I have the casual dress issue taken care off I am going to have a go at pants. Wish me luck!

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