Friday, June 10, 2011

Put A Bow On It, A Knit Bow Headband

This is a great pattern to use if you have small amounts of yarn hanging about in your stash, or if you have any yarn left over from your latest projects. It is also a quick knit if you are in need of a gift or just want something to spruce up your outfit for the day.

Gauge and fiber are up to you in this pattern, all I would suggest is that you use the appropriate needle for the yarn you choose, and if you use a cotton or another plant fiber you might want to feed some elastic into the I-cord of the head band. Just remember that the thicker the yarn and the larger the needle the bigger your bow will be.
The yarn I used was a dk weight silk wool blend I had left over from making my mom a scarf. I used a size 5 needle.

Put A Bow On It
CO 11 sts
Work in seed stitch till bow measures 4 inches
Seed Stitch
Row 1 & 2: K *P, K* repeat *to* to end of row
Bind Off
Weave in ends

Bow Center
CO 6 sts
work I-cord for about 5 rounds or till the tube measures about 3/4 inches
Bind off
Weave in ends

Pull the 4 inch piece through the small I-cord tube you have just made. Center the piece of I-cord and arrange gathers on the 4 inch piece to form a bow. Set aside.

I-cord head band
Using a provisional cast on, CO 4 sts
Work I-cord till it measures the circumference of your head minus one inch.
DO NOT bind off
Assembling the head band
Feed the I-cord through the bows center I-cord. Take out provisional cast on and graft live stitches together using kitchner stitch. Arrange bow on head band to a desirable position and look. Now you have a fab hair accessory!


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