Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lists and More Lists

I am very organized and deliberate when I pack. This is great having traveled abroad with a back pack and a carry on sized suit case. (One of these trips was the three months I spent in Oz.) I have a process and my packing takes about three to four days because of my process. Since I am leaving for my summer job tomorrow I have been packing and am almost done. I thought I would share a bit of my list, and my process.

For working at a summer camp you pack what you need plus a bit more, plus anything weird or fun that might come in handy. My first step is to make a list of what to pack and by what to pack I don't just mean cloths and toiletries I mean everything from linens, to knitting supplies, to the tools I take with me. Here is a sample of my master list.

Camp Packing
-2 pair work shorts (by work I mean what I wear in my classes, I teach technical theatre and we get messy and painty.)
-1 pair work jeans
-2-3 work tanks
-3-4 work tees
-1 pair nice jeans
-2-3 pair shorts
-1 pair "other" pants
-1 skirt
-3 sun dresses (Me Made)
-1-2 rompers (Me Made)
-4-5 t-shirt (Me Made and Ready Made)
-1 knit top (heat wave)
-2 cotton sweaters (hand knit)
-2-3 pj bottoms
-2-3 pj tops
-3-4 tank tops (Me Made and Ready Made)
-2 "Nice" dresses
-straw fedora
-Rash vest
-2-3 bathing suits
-sparkly tam
-cotton tam
-2 summer scarves
-1 pair athletic shorts
-2-3 long sleeve shirts/sweat shirt

-plaid cons
-flip flops
-1 pair of heels
-two pairs sandals

-2 towels
-1 beach towel
-2 pillow cases
-1 set sheets
- comforter
-throw blanket
-1 pillow
-2 hand towels

Tools (all in tool bag)
-speed wrench
-wirer strippers
-screw gun/ charger
-tape measure
-sharpies (2-3)
- Small flash light

Fun Things to bring
-stuffed koala
-stuffed tazzie devil
-laughing kookaburra
-squeekie chicken
-deck of cards
-deck of uno cards

This is just page one of two and a half. So after my list is made I gather up the things I need to pack, but I don't pack them just yet. I tick them off my list and then go through and decided whether or not I need 3 or 4 tank tops or if bringing my spinning wheel is really necessary (I think it is) or if I can get away with two pairs of shorts instead of three especially if I bring 1 romper and three sun dresses. This is the step I finished yesterday, which means today I will finally actually pack.

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