Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gift Knitting Advice Needed

I have decided to knit/sew/embroider/make most of my Christmas gifts this year.  I am usually the knitter who says "I only gift knit once in awhile, for truly special recipients"  or something along those lines, maybe not as elegantly put, but you get the idea.  This year is different for a lot of reasons, where we will be spending Christmas is a first for us, some gifts will need to be completed earlier than December to make it to their recipients and some of the gifts will have to be easy to travel with.

I am asking for any and all advice on gift knitting, from strategies to patterns, to quick gifts that you maybe don't actually knit, but use yarn.  Leave your gift knitting/crafting advice in the comments it will be truly appreciated.  

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Anonymous said...

Socks, they always impress, and can be knitted quickly depending on how fiddly the pattern is.