Monday, June 18, 2012

Home for the Weekend

My Dad is the dude on the right and Simon's dad is the dude on the left.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and Father's Day.  I surprised my Dad and Grandfather by coming home with out them knowing.  It was a great surprise and I loved seeing my family.  I am still in the Finger Lakes and will be making it back to Philly Tuesday night.  It's been great to be home for a few days.  The weather is awesome and my whole family is at home for the first time in a long time.  

Morning coffee and knitting.

I have gotten a bunch of knitting done, and started some more.  Taking the bus gives me plenty of time to knit.  I have even started a Wingspan and I understand why everyone is knitting this deceptively simple shawl.  It has been decided that I will knit a few for Christmas along with a few other items.

On the gift knitting front I have been a lot more productive than I thought possible.  I have completed two gifts and hope to be starting a third before I hop on the Mega Bus tomorrow to ride home to Philly.  This starting ahead stuff is really the way to go.  

It's a bit odd, but I have been super productive here at my parents house.  Technically I am on a mini vacation, but the work that I have finished while up here has astounded me.  First off like I said above I have finished two gifts, plus I designed a new free pattern to be posted on this blog in a few weeks, and if things go as planed today I will be starting a design that I have planed for the fall. 

The change of scenery I think has been the biggest factor, (that and the 4.5 hours on a bus).  It also helps that the weather here isn't as hot and humid as the city and knitting, even in the height of the afternoon, is still enjoyable.  The best knitting spot is out on my parents deck where you can watch the birds around the pond while you knit.  This mini trip up to see my family is just what I needed to start my summer.  

Another perk of sitting on the deck, watching the ponds eco-system in action, snapping turtles.  This lady came up from the pond to see what was going on yesterday. 

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