Friday, June 1, 2012

Me Made May '12: Day 29 - Day 31 & Wrap Up

The last few days of Me Made May were exciting and a bit sad.  I am excited to pull my ready made clothes out of there storage space, and I'm excited to wear my favorite t-shirt.  I'm a bit sad as I really enjoyed this month me made May.  It was great to wear something I had made and when someone asked about it say "I made it".  It felt good to show off my handmade items.  My plan for the rest of the summer is to figure out a way to keep the me made momentum going.  I'm thinking about pledging to wear my me made wardrobe on the weekends this summer or to pick a few days a week and plan my wardrobe from my me made items.  I'm not sure what the summer pledge will be, but I will have it figured out by the end of the weekend.  So here are my last three outfits for Me Made May '12:

Day 29
Set Sail hand knit top
Cuffed Denim Shorts

Day 30
Teal and Brown Batik Dress

Day 31
Favorite black tank
Cuffed denim shorts

I learned a lot about my style and my wardrobe this month, and I learned more this year than I did last year. A lot of that had to do with the fact that this year I could only wear me made items while last year I had to wear one me made item a day.  The nature of this years pledge really made me look at what I loved wearing and what I avoided wearing.  Here's what I found:

1. I do not wear skirts.
I own about 5 skirts that I have sewn over the past two years.  I wore one of those skirts durring the month of may.  Now a few of the skirts I own I will admit are not really my style, while two of them I absolutly love and I have worn them in the past and plan on wearing them sometime in the future.  This however is not enough for me to justify making any more skirts.  So good by skirts sewning.  (I actually feel really good saying that.)

2. I LOVE dresses.
I only wore a dress 4 days out of 31 for Me Made May, but I love dresses and if I had to choose between dresses and skirts, dresses will always win.  This is because with a dress I don't really have to think too much about it.  There's no deciding which top to wear, you just put the dress on and pick some cute shoes.  It's almost as good as jeans and t-shirts, which brings me to my next point.

3. My go to outfit is jeans or shorts and a tee or tank.
I'll admit it.  As much as I want to be fab and wear dresses everyday If I am in a hurry, have to work, or just can't make a decision I will go with my old stand by.  Jeans and top.  This is fine with me, although I think I am going to attempt to wear dresses two to three times a week.  Lord knows I have like 15 dresses.  This sounds like an exageration, but between my ready made dresses and my hand made dresses I probably have close to 15. (Yup 15 I just counted in my head and that is how many I have, and I'm planing on making 3 more this month.  Maybe I should do a month where all I wear is skirts and dresses....hmmmm.)

4. I really enjoyed sewing my own jeans.
This goes along with #3.  It was such a great learning experience making my own jeans.  I will definatly be making another pair, maybe 2 pairs closer to the fall.  I've never had jeans fit me as well as the ones I made.  They are relitivly easy once you figure out your stitch tension, and find good directions on sewing a flat front fly.

5.  I like a very ecclectic mix of styles.
I love vintage 40's, 50's, and 60's although you may see more 70's influences in my wardrobe (this is including my ready made items).  Ultimatly my favorite thing is beach style with a dash of fab vintage.  I want to incorporate this more into my wardrobe.  I am going to be more thoughtful about the items I purchase and the items I make.  I feel that in the past I am making things with out a clear idea of what my style truly is.  Lately I have been finding myself envying certain fashion bloggers, not because I want their style, but because their style is so well defined.  I have an idea in my head of what I like, it is now time to make that happen.

So now that I know all of these great things about my wardrobe and my style what am I going to do with it?
-Stop making skirts.
-Wear my dresses more often, and make a few more.
-Never buy jeans again, OK maybe never ever, but my me made jeans fit me better than any ready made jeans ever have.
-Figure out a way to keep the Me Made Momentum going this summer.  I will figure this out over the weekend and will give an update sometime next week.
-Spend the summer really figuring out what my style is.
-Start thinking about fall in terms of what I have, what I need, what I want and what am I going to make.

Summer Sewing Plans
-Make red rodeo dress (I love quirky prints, It's time to embrace that)
-Make gold shirt dress
-Sew "girlie" dress
-Sew another pair of jeans
(That should keep me busy till about August)

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ana5059 said...

Good work!! My faves are: your purple Anda Dress, Teal and Brown Batik Dress, Grey altered tee, tank dress, blue and poppy skirt and your floral sorbetto. Fantastic!