Thursday, June 7, 2012

Stitch Guide: Mini Basket Weave

Mini basket weave is traditional basket weave's little sibling.  This stitch is reversible which makes it great for any item where you may see both sides, an example would be a scarf or baby blanket.  The small squares of knits and purls give this knit stitch a lovely texture.

Mini Basket Weave (Worked Flat)
Multi of 4 Sts
R1: *K2, P2*
R2: *P2, K2*
R3: *P2, K2*
R4: *K2, P3*

Mini Basket Weave (Worked in the Round)
Multi of 4 Sts
R1 & R2: *K2, P2*
R3 & R4: *P2, K2*

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