Monday, June 4, 2012

Me Made Wardrobe: Summer Edition

I loved Me Made May '12 so much I didn't want it to end, but as soon as I said that statement I realized that wearing my me made wardrobe didn't stop because May was over.  I do wear my hand made items the rest of the year mixed and matched with my ready made items.  The whole point of this processes for me is to slowly have more handmade items in my closet and less ready made clothes.  That means planing a head a bit and looking at what I really love and want to sew.
Me Made May '12 Day 1

A few things happened this weekend.  First off my closet got another overhaul when I pulled out all my ready made clothes from the suitcase I had stored them in.  Anything that didn't fit, that I don't wear, or just isn't really my style will be donated.  This second cull wasn't as large as my first, but I got rid of a good chunk of clothes.  There are still a lot of clothes in the closet, and I have the feeling that I will be able to let go of even more as the summer moves on.  

Me Made May '12 Day 15

The second thing that happened is that I decided on how I am going to keep the Me Made May spirit alive this summer.  I am going to wear a outfit put together totally from my handmade items twice a week.  On top of that I am also going to wear a dress twice a week (handmade or ready made).  This way my dresses will get more action this summer and I won't feel guilty about making more (or about the three cotton jersey ones I bought).  Like Me Made May '12 I will photo document all of my me made outfits for the summer here on the blog and on my facebook page.  This will officially start today and go through to labor day.  It might go on longer than that, we'll just have to wait and see.   

Me Made May '12 Day 16

Thirdly I worked my tail off this weekendand am super sleepy.  I sewed new project bags for Alchemy Hour, went to the farmers market, cooked lots of food (roasted radishes are delicious, who knew), had an unexpected but awesome house guest on Friday, baby sat late on Saturday, started knitting a sample for my good knitter friend Nicole over on NoTwoSnowflakes  (I can't say much about the project other than it's green and black and 100% silk), and finally finished off the the weekend with a softball game at 9pm.  I am going to pour myself some more java and plant my self on the couch with my knitting until it's time to go to work.    

New project bags for Alchemy Hour.  These bags are reversible.

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