Monday, June 25, 2012

My First Official Summer Weekend

The city has been hot in an unbearable way.  With that in mind Simon and I first put in our new window unit to cool our bedroom, and then we hopped in our car and got out of the city. 

On Friday we went blueberry picking and took our friend Mike with us.  While it was still hot out at Linvilla there was at least some shady trees and a breeze.  

We picked a little over 8 pounds of blueberries.  I plan on making more jam and some blueberry scones ASAP.

The peaches were also ready at Linvilla and we decided to pick a few pounds to eat and bake with.  

Here I am standing among the peach trees in the orchard.  My new favorite website is PicMonkey, it's similar to Picnik (which is no longer around), but much more user friendly.  I played around with some of the filters to get this great vintage look.  It reminds me of the old pictures of my grandparents from the 70's. 

There were so many peaches that the trees were weighted down and some of the branches were touching the ground. 

Later that night we had a massive storm.  It howled down our street and pelted our windows with sheets of rain.  It was lovely.  I took a few pics from our window while the storm was at it's worse. 

Saturday was beautiful and Simon and I loaded up our surf boards and drove to the shore even though the surf report wasn't in our favor.  We were in for a surprise, because the waves were way better than the surf report let on.  Most of the surfers had left after the morning surf was starting to be blown out by the afternoon winds.  I'm use to choppy surf and I had a blast riding my little yellow board.  It was one of the best days surfing I've had since Oz.  Simon was even impressed by how I did, and if I can impress an Aussie surfer who's been riding waves for 25 years than that's a win for me. 

After many hours spent in the surf I took a nap in the sun like a fat cat until Simon came back from his walk to wake me up. 

It was a perfect day at the beach and I'm glad to see some familiar faces in the life guard station.  The 7th street surf beach may not be the biggest surf, or the least crowded beach, and it may be the Jersey Shore, but it will always be my home beach when it comes to surf.  

Thanks guys for keeping the surf beach clear of swimmers so us surfers can catch some rad rides!  

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