Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Guest Blogger: Zach from Thoughts of a Nobody

Zach is an aspiring writer living in Upstate New York and going to college.  He sporadically blogs over at his little piece of the internet, Thoughts of a Nobody.  I love his insight and humor and think he's got some talent, but I'm a bit biased being his sister and all.  I've been bugging him to blog for me since he participated in my 12 Days Before Chirstmas, and he finally gave in and wrote a very sweet short story for my blog today.  

Simply a Smile

Blake sat up in bed. Awoken by the early morning sounds outside the window. The wind blowing lightly through the trees' strong limbs, leaves rustling across the ground, and birds singing their sweet summer songs. He took a deep breath filling his lungs with the fresh air flowing in from the window. A quaint smirk forming on his face as the sun beamed and danced across the bedroom floor, occasionally flashing a rainbow across the sheets. The day seeming to begin as perfect as the night before ended. Blake looked to his right to see what he cherished most in this world. His wife.

Lila, lay next to him. She was beautiful, strong, independent, and intimidatingly intelligent. All the things Blake envied. Her wavy brown hair was soft and seemed to gleam in the morning light. Her hazel eyes were filled with care and compassion while her smile was simply flawless. She looked as mind numbingly beautiful as the day he met her those short years ago. 

He sat in bed, still with that smirk on his face, watching her sleep peacefully. He watched as the the covers rose and fell with her even breathing. He wondered how he was so lucky to have her, or if she was just foolish enough to fall for him. Blake didn't care. The only thing he cared about was making her happier day in and day out. That's what he felt his purpose was, to be there for her, always. 

She rolled over suddenly with her eyes still closed and said, “You know, it's cute how you watch me sleep but eventually it just makes you seem very creepy.” As the last words flowed out of her mouth she opened her eyes and gave Blake what he loved to see. A smile.

Blake couldn't help but smile back and say, “You've always spoke the truth.” as he leaned in close and gave her soft lips a gentle kiss. They paused and stared at each other, waiting for one to break eye contact. Neither one of them did. They laughed and embraced. They laid in bed clutching each other as if it were their last breath, their last moment on earth. Nothing seemed more important than the soft breath on his neck and the satin skin wrapped in his arms. Everything was perfect in that moment.

Lila looked up at Blake and a shadow fell across her face. Blake noticed the slight change and distress that now enveloped her. She said, “Do you truly love me?”

Blake was shaken by the words. The only response he could mutter was, “What does love mean too you?” As the words fell out of Blake's mouth, he quickly wished he never uttered such a question. He was sure that the argument that followed would be a heated one, and could only end with him in complete regret.

Her smile was still hanging ever so delicately on her face and she said, “I believe that love is compatibility between two people. Someone that you can be content with telling everything, even the things that you are ashamed of. Knowing that that person wont judge you for stupid questions, dumb actions, and so many silly things we do in our lives. That's what I think love is.” 

There was a long silence between Blake and Lila. The tension was thick within the room, and Blake knew she was waiting for a simple answer back. Yet, he didn't have one. He took a deep breath and said, “I know you want me to agree with you, and have a simple answer but I don't. How about, instead, I just tell you about the minute I knew I loved you?”

The question seemed to hang in the air. Lila looked at Blake with curiosity and then smiled. She nodded her head slightly as if too give him  permission.

Blake paused for a minute and then said, “Well, in all honesty the first time I met you I was intimidated. You seemed to fit in so well, and I was envious of that. I remember the first few times we talked. All I could utter was Hey with a goofy smile, and I would never have anything else to say either. I was dumbfounded by how naturally beautiful you were. I always tried to be the cool, suave man I thought you wanted, which always ended with me looking like a jackass. I tried on numerous occasions too ask you out. I remember walking up too you one time, palms sweating, my mouth dry, and my legs shaking so bad I could barely stand. I had no confidence around you. I lost who I was and I honestly feared what your response would be. No, I didn't want too hear it. I never took a chance because I clung so tightly to “what if she said yes”.  I would always tell myself I would rather be an enemy because at least then I could say I took a chance. I just wanted you too see me for who I was, not the sloppy, immature little kid that you were friends with.”

Blake realized he was drifting off and rambling. He had no idea if anything he was saying made sense, and he didn't care. Everything just felt right as he said it. He looked at Lila for some sort of conformation. She stared blankly at him, gave a quick chuckle and said, “So when did you realize it was love?”

Blake couldn't help but laugh a little. He continued, “Let me just say that whenever I got to see you for even just a nanosecond, I felt like it was the greatest day of my life. I was just happy to be in the same room as you, and every terrible, forsaken feeling that I had would melt away. Even if I was petrified, I never realized it till later. Your smile and laugh were, and still are my favorite trait about you. That's when I knew I loved you. I knew it the minute I wanted to wake up next to you and make you laugh. It meant every day I got to see you smile.”

Blake finished on that note as he was staring off into space. He shook his head and the room around him seemed to drop back into place. Lila looked up at him and didn't say a word. He could see the compassion in her eyes, and how beautiful that smile was. A simple smile. 

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