Thursday, March 15, 2012

Coat Update

Remember my fabulous thrift store find?  You know the one pictured above.  While the weather here is getting too warm to wear this wonderful coat I did decided to make the repairs and updates on it.

And by repairs I mean replace the buttons.  The only thing wrong with this jacket was the damaged button.  This was the only thing that needed attention.  The other day I picked up new shiny buttons at the fabric store and then sat down with some silk thread and repaired and updated my new dressy winter jacket.

I like the contrast of the white on the baby blue.  This is an easy enough thing to do that can really change the look of any jacket or sweater.  I liked the jacket before changing the buttons, but now I love it.  I think that it is more my style now.  It has a mod feel about it that I absolutely love.

I did splurge a bit on the buttons.  The are white mother of pearl or shell of some sort and they have some simple engraving on them that reminds me of a sun.  When you buy a coat for $1 you can drop $7 on really really pretty buttons.  Either way $8 for a beautiful wool coat, score.

I won't be needing this coat anytime soon.  See what I mean the trees are starting to blossom.  This tree is on the street I live on, and is being tricked into blooming.

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