Thursday, March 22, 2012

Stitch Guide: Mrs. Hunter's Stitch

This is a fun stitch that can add a lot of interest to a field of knits.  It is said that this is a stitch that, that's right, Mrs. Hunter created.  Well whoever created this stitch it is one of my favorites.  This stitch isn't very elastic, and has a right and a wrong side, but it is good in items you don't need or want too much give.

Mrs. Hunter's Stitch (Knit Flat)
Multiple of 4 plus 2
R1: K all sts
R2: P all sts
R3: K1 *YO, Sl sts, K3, passo all 3 K sts* K1
R4: P all sts

Mrs. Hunter's Stitch (In the Round)
Multiple of 4
R1: K all sts
R2: K all sts
R3: *YO,  Sl sts, K3, passo all 3 K sts*
R4: K all sts

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