Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Technique Tuesday: Saving A Dropped Stitch (Stockinette Stitch)

Every knitter has dropped a stitch before.  It can be frustrating  especially if you don't catch it right away.  There is a way to remedy the drop stitch and the ladder of jogs it leaves behind.

First off, identifying the dropped stitch and the corresponding jogs.  The jogs look like the rungs of a ladder, these are what use to be stitches.  To fix this mistake you need to pull the jogs through the dropped stitch to create stitches that will lead back to the top of your work.  You are technically knitting vertically.

You will need a handy dandy crochet hook.  I keep one in my knitting bag for just such occasions.

1. Insert the crochet hook in to the drop stitch.

2. Slide the crochet hook under your first jog.

3. Pull the crochet hook down catching the jog and pulling it through the dropped stitch.

repeat steps 2 and 3 until all the jogs have been restored to stitches and your drop stitch is at the top of the work.  Slip the stitch back on the needle and continue knitting.

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