Monday, March 26, 2012

Me Made Wardrobe I: What I Have

I plan on participating in Zoe's Me Made May 2012 over on So Zoe.  With that in mind and spring in full swing here in the city I went through my closet and pulled all of my warm weather clothes out of storage.  I got rid of a ton of things and I realized I have a pretty good start on the hand made wardrobe thing.  Here's how my collection of clothes breaks down.  Keep in mind I'm still weeding somethings out.

Sweaters: 11 for spring/summer, 9 of which are hand knit
Pants: 7 Pairs (most of which are jeans), 1 of pair of hand made pants for the spring/summer
Leggings/Tights: 6 pairs, 1 pair of hand made leggings
Shorts: 3 pairs, 1 pair that were refashioned (I had more in storage, but had to get rid of 3 pairs that were too big.)
Dresses: 14 dresses for spring/summer all ranging from dressy to casual, 7 which I made
Jackets/coats: 4 spring jackets, none of which are hand made
Button up Shirts: 5, 1 refashioned linen top
Skirts: 5 all of which are hand made (It would of been 6 but I had to get rid of my lavender cotton Jersey Pencil skit, sad face)
Tank Tops: 20, 7 are hand made or refashioned
Tee Shirts: 20, 1 hand made, 2 refashioned

I have a t-shirt addiction
So here is the break down of my hand made wardrobe
Sweaters: 6

This is my only long sleeved spring/summer item
Pants: 1 (green cotton silk wide leg drawstring)
Shorts: 1
Dresses: 4 casual, 3 dressy

Dressy dress in yellow seersucker
Jackets/coats: 0
Button ups: 1
Skirts: 3 (I know I said 5, but two of them are not really my style so they may need a new home)
Tanks: 7
Tees: 1 (really the other two I counted above were all just chopped up to have shorter sleeves or more of a scoop neck, so I don't feel right counting them.)

This does not take in to consideration any of my hand bags or accessories all though all of my hats and most of my scarfs are hand made.

I am thinking about how I want to go about participating in Me Made May.  I really would like to only where hand made items, with the exception of undies, bras, socks, shoes, and hand bags.  The only thing I keep asking my self is, is that possible with what I have?  What would I have to make in April to be prepared for May?


LoriLynn said...

Oh my goodness that yellow dress is incredible!!!! You made that?! You have mad skilllls girl! Xo Lori

BlueBetty said...

Thanks. I did make it, it's from one of my favorite patterns.