Friday, March 30, 2012

A Photo an Hour: Last Friday

I'll admit I am a huge geek and went to see the midnight showing of the The Hunger Games.  Lucky for me I had the next day off so being out on the town till 3am wasn't a big deal.  Simon also has Fridays off and it was in the 70's so I decided to document my day.  Here is my first ever photo an hour.

10:00 AM

I actually got out of bed and pulled on my sneaks and went to the gym.  I mean I do this most days, but after being out late I was surprised I didn't turn my alarm off and go back to sleep for a few more hours.

11:00 AM

Home from the gym and time for some breakie.  Vegemite toast and coffee the breakfast of Aussie champions.  Of course I drank my coffee in one of my favorite Jane Austin themed mugs from Brookish.

12:00 PM

Blog time!  It may have been a day off from work, but it wasn't a day off from blogging,  My little helper likes to hang out and watch me type.

1:00 PM

Time to get dressed and get out of the apartment on such a beautiful day.

2:00 PM

The Hubs and I biked down to Ikea and Home depot.  I'll let you guess which bike is whose.

3:00 PM

Did I mention we went to Ikea.  We were there for awhile, but we actually only got the thing we went in for which I think is near impossible on most trips.

4:00 PM

Then we biked over to Home Depot and I got some more supplies for my window boxes and I bought a tomato plant.

5:00 PM

Finally back at the apartment only to leave to go to Whole Foods to pick up some fixings for dinner.  It was such a nice day.  I took this shot on my way to the store.

6:00 PM

Home from the store.  I put the groceries away.  I bought an avocado, Simon hates them but I love them.  That means more avocado for me.

7:00 PM

Making dinner.  I made these almost meatless burgers from one of my favorite cook books, Almost Meatless.  You make the burgers with 8 oz dry bulgar wheat, 16 oz black beans, and 8oz ground beef.  They are super yummy.

8:00 PM

A glass of Rooster Hill 2010 Chard with dinner.  I was trying to class it up.

9:00 PM

Finally getting some knitting done.  I was and still am working on the Variation Scarf from Interweave's Jane Austen Knits publication.  Um...have I mentioned I love Jane Austen.

10:00 PM

Watching Money Ball with Simon, Our living room is tiny just like our TV.

11:00 PM

Our nightly ritual, sleepy time tea, oranges and chocolate.  Then to bed.  I know 11pm on a Friday night, but after a late night the night before and a super long bike ride around the city we were done.


LoriLynn said...

Pretty sure that sounds like the perfect day! Also I pretty much want to have breakfast with you every single day. So, stupid question, are you from Australia?! Hope you have an awesome weekend! Xo Lori

Laura said...

That was great! We had burgers for dinner too! But Brendon and I have tofu. Yum!!! xo

BlueBetty said...

Lori: The Hubs is an Aussie and I have grown to really like vegemite over the 5 1/2 years we've been together. Only I don't let Simon make it because he layers that stuff on thick.

Laura: Still on the fence about tofu. Although I like it deep fried and have a long standing goal to learn to cook it and too like it.

Anonymous said...

Breaky, 'avo tea or evening snack, yeah ya can't go past Vegemite on toast. Actually, I usually do a samwich with a cheese slice in it as well.  ツ

BlueBetty said...

Simon says his mom use to make Vegemite and cheese for his lunch growing up. I really haven't moved past spreading it on my morning toast.