Thursday, March 1, 2012

Knitting Update

I've completed a few project lately, stalled on one and spun up some lovely hand spun.  Here's my progress.

This is a knit dress for my niece in Oz.  She turns one at the end of this month.  I had a lot of fun knitting this and it only took me three days.  The blue yarn was 100% bamboo and the yellow was Taki Classic Cotton which I may have fallen deeply in love with. 

I got to use some of my vintage buttons from my stash.  This top was loosely based on the Rolly Top, I changed how the skirt of the dress was done and I striped to yarns in the yoke.  

I also completed these boy shorts using the elann Esprit I had floating around in my stash.  They fit, but they are a bit scandalous.  This pattern was the Assets of Evo, I followed the pattern to the legs which I made longer and added contrasting ribbing. 

Here's the project I'm stalling on.  It's not even intentional, just a miss calculation in yardage and now I have to wait till my order comes in with the last two balls that I need.  

I have been spinning a lot more and here is one of my lovelies.  The photo doesn't do the color any justice, but I love this stuff.   This puppy was a 4oz braid of Frabjous Fiber BFL and Silk in their Iris colorway. 

Again this photo doesn't do it justice there is way more purple and teal.  I was able to spin 440 yards of a double ply from this 4oz braid.  BFL may be my favorite fiber, especially when combined with silk.  The color reminds me of peacock feathers. 

This cake of singles is something I spun last spring.  Again its Frabjous Fibers BFL in Plum Toast.  I plan to leave this as a single I just need to take the time to measure it and wash it.  It's as close as I think I will ever get to lace weight.  

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Erin Kate said...

Everything is beautiful! I love that first dress.