Thursday, March 29, 2012

Me Made Wardrobe Part III: Filling in the Gaps or What I Plan to Sew in April

After weeding through all of my clothes and then picking though all my hand made items I have a solid start on a spring and summer wardrobe.  If you haven't heard I plan on taking part in So Zoe...'s Me Made May 2012. I am already starting to plan for the month of May and have made a decision that this years pledge is that for the month of May I will only wear garments that are hand made, (this excludes under garments, socks, shoes and hand bags).  This is much more extreme than last years pledge where I only had to wear one hand made item a day.

I need a few things though to get me through the month.  After a few days of really looking at my hand made wardrobe and taking a lot of pictures I have identified a few things that I am lacking.
Here they are:
-Bottoms that are not skirts
-Neutral tops to wear with my skirts
-Something warm
-Tees in general

So here is a sewing plan that I will be executing the month of April:

-First address my need for a pair of jeans for May.  I have the denim and the pattern.  The plan is to sew a pair of wide leg trouser jeans using the Janina pattern.

 Since I am familiar with this pattern it should only take me a few days to complete these.

-Next I need to make a few neutral tops to wear with my skirts.  I went to the thrift store the other day and perused the dollar room and found two gray tees, a white tee, and a royal blue tee to help satisfy this need.

The plan is to alter these into tops that will fit me.  I can have these ready to go in about two days.

-I need some more shorts.  I have some great purple stretch cotton and plan on using the Janina pattern again to make some nicer dress shorts.

I also have an old pair of jeans that I ripped the pant leg on my bike that will make a great pair of shorts.  The altered jean shorts will take less than an hour to complete, but the purple shorts will take a few days.

-I don't have anything warm to wear just in case it gets chilly.  I found a great black and white striped cashmere and merino blend sweater in the dollar room at the thrift store that I plan on altering into a Cardi.

I've never done this before so I will need to do some research before I take my scissors to the sweater.

-I also plan on making two more dolman tops.

 I have purchased the fabric and these won't take me long to finish about 45 min per top.

-I would also like to make one or two Sorbetto from the Colette blog.  Since I have never sewn one I will make one and judgment on weather or not I should make a second Here are some fabric possibilities:

-Finally once all of this is completed I will sew two more sundresses using the Anda pattern form Burda Style.

I have some pretty periwinkle linen and rayon blend that will make a great dress.

I also plan on finding a fun print to make the second Anda.  I might take a trip to Spool to get something fun.


LoriLynn said...

Those floral prints rock my world!!!! And that Anda dress design is ADORABLE...I have so many dress patterns I got on Joann dollar sales, I need to take the plunge and just make one already LOL! Xo Lori

BlueBetty said...

You should take the plunge.