Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Project: Bustier Top

Burda Style
I've Picked my next project.  This is another Burda Style pattern.  I've had my eye on this top for awhile.  It looks simple enough and is even rated novice.  But I'm wondering where Burda Style got that one from because after looking at the pattern I would have rated this as intermediate.  The thing has princess seams, boning and a lining, although that part isn't obvious even in the directions.  The thing that is on my side is that I have all the skills needed to sew this even if I find using boning a bit intimidating.  

I found some awesome teal gingham at the fabric store I frequent.  Even better it was only $1.93/yard.  So I'm not out fabric costs if this project doesn't run smoothly or come out right.  The boning was also pretty cheep, $2/yard .  The last thing I need to get is some hook and eye tape.  The place I bought the boning only had black, and this project needs white.  

However I did find this teal hook and eye tape on etsy that I might be tempted into buying.  

So here's my break down of how I am going to accomplish this.  I think I'm going to need about two weeks to finish this, maybe three, but I'm going to aim for two.  

Week 1: Cut out pattern, interface fused, and seams sewn for boning channels, bust pieced together
Week 2: Line bust, attach straps, attach hook and eye tape, finishing.  

If everything goes well I may just make a second of these in a dressier fabric.  

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