Wednesday, January 14, 2009

DIY Bussiness

Good Morning, ok good afternoon. I slepted in as I don't have to work till 4pm today, and it's only baby sitting.

I have met all my deadlines for this week, and I feel like I need something to do. I have lot to do, but I'm done making samples. Now it's a lot of paper work and budgeting and editing photos and all that Jazz. I find this fun in an odd way, but I really want to make my items. I can't do this till i make a budget and decide where i'm getting my supplise from.

Oh, I will be able to set up a wholesale account with the supplier of the Bannan Silk I want to use, but I need to save a bit of money for the minimum order, which is actually not that bad. I figure $150 is easy for a minimum order compared to $300 to $500.

Well I'm off to edit some photos and order some prints. I want to apply for some craft festivales and need a look book. I want to make this as nice as I can on a low budget, so I'm going to try to do a lot of things on my own, at least as many as I can.

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kim* said...

hope your havin fun 'sitting