Friday, January 16, 2009


Here are my hat designs for my spring/summer line. I only have two of the three colors , as I changed my mind recently on the third color.

I'm keeping the blue one for myself, but I did order more of this color yarn.

The hat is knit up in Fish Tail Lace, which is of course my favorite. It's a bit slouchy, but not giant. I like the look of a tam, except when it hangs down longer than my hair.

The third color was this organgy red, but I'm swiching it to a more berry color. The orange didn't seem to fit in as well as I had hoped.

Today is a day off for me, so Simon is taking me to buy my Sewing machine! I'm super excited.

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SleightGirl said...

Beautiful hats! And a new sewing machine? How exciting!!