Saturday, January 10, 2009

Morning Posts

I've figured out the blogging problem. I must blog in the morning. I was doing it at night hoping to be inspired by something that day, but just found I was making lame excusses not to blog.

My camera needs new batteries as I have lots of photos to take. Yesterday I was able to fit in about an hour of sewing a Spool and was able to get my two sample bags almost done. I have to sew the handles, lining and outer shell together, which will take me all of five minuets to do on a machine.

After using the machines at spool I've realised that it's time to bite the bullet and take a bit of my extrea cash and buy a sewing machine. It's best in the long run. I need an affordable machine that can do a few of the extreas like button holes and zippers. If anyone has any suggestions please suggest.

Well I'm off to the day job.

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Happy New Year 2009. I hope that Portugal come visit my blog. Thank you very much