Monday, January 19, 2009


I have gotten my sewing machine and couldn't be happier. All I want to do now is sew! I went up to my favorite fabric store today to get my supplise I needed for my spring items, and it was closed. There website says that they are opened 7 days a week, so I was very sad and a little cold having walked 10 blocks to get there.

My friend Antea and I went together, and on our way there we stopped at a new french cafe called L'Aube. It is really cute and has organic fair trade coffee at great prices. It's located on 15th and South St. It has a great atmosphere and the owner is super friendly. They also have crepes, one of my faves as well as ones filled with neuttella, my super fav. If you are in the area deffinatly hit up that spot.

Well I am off to sew for a bit!


Purple Daisies said...

Have fun with your new sewing machine! You'll have to post for your first project. :)

Estela said...

I'm sure they are closed for MLK jr. day, but at least you got to go to a lovely cafe! Have a wonderful day of sewing!

chelsea said...

This might be strange, but I found your card at Cafe L'aube (I work here) and looked at your blog and etsy store and got to this entry and thought it was funny because I went to Spool this same day too to buy thread and fabric for my new sewing machine and was sorely disappointed that it was closed (yet Loop was open?!). I'm glad you like our cafe! :) (I'm the tall blondish one that works here...there's only two of us other than the owner.)