Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hippest Pub

Last night after I finished work at the shop Simon and I went out and met up with some of our friends at a bar on Locust St. I didn't really get anything productie done, wait that isn't totally true. A few of my friends are going to test drive my spring Items for me so I brought the Banana Silk Scarves with me to the bar and gave JQ and Cori each one to try. That was productive.

The bar we went to was mildly busy when Simon and I got there, but by 10pm it was pack so full we could barely move. The bar sid it was an Irish pub, but it was the coolest, and hippest pub I hae ever been to. There was a line to get in and I usually make a point not to go to places like that. All the girls that were there were in their best Saturday night outfits from LBDs to Black slacks and little tank tops. I was in jeans and a sweater and looked very much out of place. I didn't care as i had been working all day and was not about to spend an hour or more getting ready to go out and drink over priced beer.

I really hate over priced beer.

Simon bought me batteries for my camera! Pictures to come soon!

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