Thursday, February 23, 2012

DIY: Transparent Skirt

There is a new trend for the spring that I actually like a lot and it's the transparent garment.  I don't want to spend money on something I'm not too sure of and that might just be trendy for all of a minuet so I decided to make my own transparent skirt.  Since I'm short I decided to make a knee length version.

This tutorial is pretty easy and you just need a few sewing skills.  As sewing skills go you need to be able to sew a straightish seam and now how to sew fabric to elastic using a zig zag stitch.  This is a pretty easy skirt to make and you probably wouldn't have too much trouble if you haven't sewn fabric to elastic before.

-1 Yard 45"or 60" (the width of your fabric is going to determine the length of your skirt) of transparent fabric.
-Wide Elastic (1 1/2"-2"), enough to go around your waist plus one inch.
-Thread that matches the color of your fabric
-sewing machine with zig zag stitch

First you will need to measure your waist or where you want your skirt to sit on your body.  Add one inch to this measurement.  This new number is the measurement for the elastic.  Cut you elastic to this length.

Next you will sew your elastic together with 1/2 and inch of seam allowance.  Your waist band is now

Now to work on the skirt. fold you fabric in 1/2 lengthwise.  Cut along the fold.  This is the front and back pieces of your skirt.  (My fabric was 45" and I bought a yard so after I cut my fabric in half I had two 22" wide x 36" long pieces.)
Note: You will want you skirt fabric to be about twice as long as your waist band.  Since my waist band was 28" I cut 6" off both of my skirt pieces.  The total circumference of my skirt is about 60"

Pin and sew the two side seams together.  I highly suggest using your favorite seam finishing technique as this fabric is prone to fraying.

Hem your skirt I suggest a baby hem, but any old hem will do.

Now the tricky part, it's time to attach your skirt to the waist band.  Pin the skirt to the top of the waist band as evenly as possible.  I lined one of my side seams up with the seam on my waist band.  It will look something like this.

Using the zig zag stitch on your sewing machine sew the skirt fabric to the elastic while stretching the elastic till the fabric lays flat.

It should look similar to this once sewn in place
Turn your elastic right side out and voila! A fab, trendy sheer skirt.  I wore mine with a black slip, but you can style this skirt a bunch of different ways.  Try a colored slip or even a fun floral skirt or a mini skirt, you can style this skirt in so many ways.

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