Monday, February 20, 2012

Trousers: The Zipper!

Yesterday I sat down and started to set in this zipper.  This was the step in sewing these pants that I was most worried about.  A zipper?! In pants?! This seemed to me like the hardest bit of sewing I would ever do.  Of course this is how I felt about sleeves and button holes and I've completed projects with both of those.

I had to read and re-read and go over the directions for the zipper a bunch of times.  The first few times it made no sense, but slowly it started to come together.  By the tenth time I had ready the instructions I finally understood what I needed to do.  Although I was still skeptical that I knew what I was doing.

one side all sewn in 
getting ready to sew in the other side
Once I had completes this I felt that I had conquered a giant hurdle in sewing.  Pants and a zipper seemed to me like a huge, huge feat of sewing skill.  I say celebrate the small things, and for damn sure I'm celebrating this one. 

Finished! (Well The zipper at least)

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