Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Trousers: Sewing the Easy Bits

I've made head way on my Janina trousers and so far they are pretty simple to put together.  I say this knowing that the dreaded zipper is coming up in the next session of sewing.  Here is my progress in a series of photos.

Laying out all the pieces to be cut out.  There is just under a yard of fabric left after all the pattern pieces were cut out. 

All my pieces ready to go. 

Back darts sewn and faux pocket flap, top stitched, button holed, and sewn to the back pieces. 

I picked these buttons from my notion stash for the flaps.  I'll sew them on last. 

Pocket top stitches and hip yoke pinned in place.  These pockets were very easy to sew.  

Wrong side of the trouser with all the basting stitching done.  Soon it will be time to sew the zipper in, ack!

One of the inside seams, this is where I left off.  The next steps are to finish the seam allowances, sew the inside seam, and the crotch seam and then it's on to the zipper.  I will take detailed photos and notes when it comes to sewing that zipper in.  So far so good, this pattern is coming together nicely and is pretty easy. 

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