Monday, February 27, 2012

Thrift Store Find

Simon and I went to the thrift store on Saturday afternoon on a mission for salt and pepper shakers.  Sadly there were no acceptable salt and peeper shakers, so we took a look around just to see if there was anything fun, useful or whatnot.  Then I found this:

I don't own a dressy winter coat.  Because of this I was contimplating sewing one this fall since winter is piratically over here in the city.  My dream coat is pretty much exactly this.  The color is perfect, the cut is flattering and classic, and it's wool.  I was prepared for this coat to cost $5-$7 at this particular thrift store. Guess how much this coat was $1.

That's right one dollar.  There had to be something wrong with this coat for it to be only one dollar.  I was expecting a horrid stain, a ripped sleeve, burn marks.  I inspected every inch of this jacket and could only find one thing wrong.  One of the buttons was ripped.

This was it.  Nothing else was wrong with this jacket.  So I snapped it up.  I see the ripped button as an opportunity to add some of my personal flare to the jacket by replacing the buttons.  And if I am going to replace the buttons that means a trip to the fabric store!

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