Thursday, February 9, 2012

Stitch Guide: Textured Stockinette

This stitch gives an interesting look and twist to basic stockinette.  The look of textured stripes is achieved by two rows of ribbing between twice as many rows of stockinette.  Two pluses for this pattern is that it lies flat with minimal blocking unlike regular stockinette and is simple to exicute only requiring knits and purls.  This stitch however creates a right side and a wrong side to the fabric.

Textured Stockinette (Knit Flat)
Multi of 2sts +1
R1: Knit all sts
R2: Purl all sts
R3: *K1, P1*K1
R4: *P1, K1*P1
R5: Knit all sts
R6: Purl all sts

Textured Stockinette (Knit in the Round)
Multi of 2sts
R1&2: Knit all sts
R3&4: *K1, P1*
R5&6: Knit all sts

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