Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Little Bit of Procrastination

I know I'm suppose to be working on my Janina Trousers, but I saw this post on Merrick's Art, and having gone thrifting and found a men's polo in teal for $1, I felt I just had to make this first. 

The shirt fit me really well so I didn't need to take it in.  All I really did was cut the arm band of the sleeve and then hem the sleeve.

And then I cut the collar off and changed the neckline into a scoop neck.  I used some pretty teal bias tape from my notions stash to finish the neckline.  

I also made the back the front and the front the back, and left the buttons from the original collar.  I think it gives the top a little interest. 

The buttons are all for show as I sewed the top closed when I attached the bias tape.  

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